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Buying products has never been more beneficial than NOW! Sustainable Energy and Packaging from boxz

About boxz

boxz is a place to purchase outdoor sporting goods such as hunting, shooting, fishing, airsoft, and military equipment along with a vast collection of power and hand tools, generators, battery chargers, and boxz more! 

We are a unique store with a very traditional but modern approach to looking after our customers.  It’s a place where premium British brands like Napier, Bisley, SMK, Milbro, Jack Pyke, Kombat UK, and Viper come together. It’s not only British brands though; brands like Aigle and Umarex have so much to offer, so they are included too.

Our warehousing and office are fully off the grid.  What does that mean? we are not connected to mains electricity, we run everything ie, lighting, computers, heating, security from our massive solar array and battery bank. We have and continue to improve our effectiveness in the way we operate.  Sustainability is a huge focus for us and we are trying to reduce our carbon footprint, You can read how we are working towards this and how we operate a totally off-grid business, (here) also by using sustainable packaging and recycled and recyclable materials wherever possible.  Sustainability is no longer a ‘nice to do’ but in our eyes, an important ‘must do’ part of conducting our business. We are always looking at ways to use less plastic, better plastic or if at all possible no plastic, sometimes this uncovers new opportunities and new businesses and friends to work with and we hope that our way of working gives you the consumer a better and more sustainable way of buying and hopefully some inspiration towards a grander ambition.  Our ambition is to embrace sustainability to transform our business policies and performance and this will always be something we aim to improve upon and work on. 

We are surrounded by country life and people who just love the outdoors. We care passionately about providing excellent customer service and bringing our customers great products which help them enjoy their time outdoors; be it from high-performance waterproof jackets for when the British weather does its worst, to those little things like handy bags and accessories which just make life that little bit easier. Fun and function play a critical part in our product selection; we only select manufacturers and suppliers who share our passion for customer service.

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Our Contact Details


Email: hi@boxz.co.uk

Email for sending in ID: id@boxz.co.uk

Address: Boxz, Rhoshay Farm, Buildings 3-5, Beguildy, Knighton, Powys, Wales, LD7 1UH United Kingdom

Visiting: Strictly by appointment.. why? - We are an online company

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